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Daniella Tannenwald Scents of Mind Reflexology Massage Aromatherapy Modiin IsraelThe true origins of this treatment are unknown but like some of the other complementary therapies it is gradually becoming and considered a respectable form of healing.
It is believed to be almost as old as history itself. We know this treatment was practised in India and China more than 3000 years ago. Reflexology is an ancient art that deals with the principle that there are reflexes in the hands, feet and ears and body, wherein all the body structures are mirrored. The reflexes are stimulated by using our thumbs and fingers.

Reflexology is a non invasive way of healing, incorporating foot and hand pressure massage , used to combat disease and encourage the body to heal itself. Whether you have a particular health problem or you are simply looking for a way to reduce tension and feel better. Reflexology may be the answer. It strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and in this way, brings total relaxation - this is important as it is when the body is in a stressed, tense state that illness is more likely to occur.

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