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Daniella Tannenwald Scents of Mind Reflexology Massage Aromatherapy Modiin IsraelDon't tell anyone my secret - but this is my ultimate favorite.
First you will enjoy a foot mask which stimulates all the senses of mind, and body. I make this mask myself and in it, I add all the pure oils of Peppermint, Lavender and Eucalyptus. "ALIVE IN A FLASH"
Bask in a sterile foot spa of hot water and lots of salt enabling you to experience the relief of swollen, tired legs and feet. This too enables the recovery of fungus and athletes foot. Enjoy the scrub to soften the skin and stimulate the blood flow. Followed by a lymphatic massage of the legs, working on all the reflexology points to awaken the cells, tissues and organs of your body.

Finally - leave feeling like you are floating on air.

45 minutes

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Scents of Mind, Dimri Towers, 51 Yigal Yadin, Modiin Israel