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Daniella Tannenwald Scents of Mind Reflexology Massage Aromatherapy Modiin IsraelBask in a multi -technique, customized massage that is specially for you - you are given the opportunity to customize your own massage depending on your emotions and/or the feelings that you have within your body and your life. The time is yours. If you feel that you would rather that I focus on a back, neck and head massage. Or you would prefer a reflexology treatment or just a foot massage combined with a head, face and neck massage.
If you feel that your problem is a sciatica, we can combine the legs, buttocks and back massage.
If your discomfort is in your shoulders and neck, I can combine the back, neck and these points within the feet and hands and arms.

My favorite combination is a reflexology (mostly foot massage) and aromatherapy with deep tissue massage
Regardless of the combination - you will leave feeling stress and pain free.
60 minutes or 75 minutes

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Scents of Mind, Dimri Towers, 51 Yigal Yadin, Modiin Israel