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Daniella Tannenwald Scents of Mind Reflexology Massage Aromatherapy Modiin IsraelThe sense of touch - a feeling that is important and valuable to us.
balance feels like breathing in a breath of fresh air entering your lungs, penetrating your cells and releasing positive energy.
Massage creates stability, calm and equilibrium and poise that maintain our sanity and self assurance.
It is so easy to become unbalanced in our day to day life that tends to sometimes tip us over the scale and jeopardize our status quo.
Massage gets you back on track.
the strong , firm touch, the secure feeling, the silence, the "time out".
It is that run far away moment that brings us back to who we are meant to be.
The feeling of "painful" touch - it is a good pain. Every nerve, bone, tissue and cell feels the electricity - the goodness.
Breathe in and breathe out - let go - bring in to your mind and come back to your senses.

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