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Daniella Tannenwald Scents of Mind Reflexology Massage Aromatherapy Modiin Israel I studied Aromatherapy (which is the study of aroma therapeutic and pure natual oils, and body massage) at The Academy of Complimentary Health. I then furthered my studies, in Reflexology, pathology and Advanced foot mobilization techniques at The Elizabeth Graham School of Effective Reflexology Methods. My studies took place in the heart of Johannesburg, South Africa, where I was born and grew up. My love of beautiful things and my keen interest in architecture and beautiful living brought me to my career as Interior Designer. My soul brought me to my passion in alternative healing. I practised my healing as well as working long hours in my Interior Design business.
What do the two unlikely careers have in common? You may ask yourself - well it's people - getting to the core of what makes people survive in this world. Whether it be through the mind, the heart or the soul (mental or physical)

My alternative healing began as a hobby in South Africa. I had a beautiful, private space with an en suite bathroom facility, a separate entrance that had a facility for prams and wheelchairs. I consulted a couple of clients, and this increased by word of mouth - referrals and recommendations, due to my success rate in assisting people getting through difficult times and ailments.Through this success, I was rewarded with growth in passion of healing.

My experience has shown me that by the time the client reaches my door, they have tried every other therapy and are now at the end of their tether. I connect with the client, work with the client and together we create an empowerment to have a Sense of Mind and personal control within. Here too, in Modiin, I have a beautiful practice, a warm, homely environment. A private space and I am blessed with strong, healthy healing hands. I have come across beautiful people in my practice - From all walks of life, different cultures and religions - different histories. My success is the passion and belief that I have in my work, and this I pass on to those that enter my place of healing, a place you can call "your sanctuary".

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Scents of Mind, Dimri Towers, 51 Yigal Yadin, Modiin Israel