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Scents of Mind Massage Reflexology Aromatherapy Modiin IsraelWhen you are looking for Sense of Mind, we talk about your very own Sense of Mind.
Changes in life happen on a daily basis. This in itself affects our Sense of Mind. Aliyah, Immigration, change of jobs, unhappy children and difficult people, illness and pain. We sometimes see it as setbacks.It happens to every person at least once in a lifetime. They are tough to deal with. One feels a sense of uncertainty and an inability to progress. Here at "Scents of Mind" I help you to get back your senses.

You sometimes feel that your life is like a wave or a roller-coaster. Smaller aspects to deal with and larger ones.

Understanding the cycles helps us get stronger and how we respond to our very own emotions. One needs to find a balance and to allow our heads and hearts - our body and souls to speak one language - understanding and then progressing.

Your setback is not the person you are - it is a curve ball that you will pass and move from. It is your life challenge. With the right mindset you can see each experience as an opportunity for growth.

Move forward - be open and be hones with yourself. tell those around you how you feel, people who are close to your - as for help.

Keep focused and those around you, those that know you well will remind you of all the things you can do and move you away from your thoughts of what you cannot do.

Set goals for yourself but be flexible.

Here at Scents of Mind - I allow you to be open - to speak your truth, to share your emotions. I encourage ongoing treatment so that together we can create your sense of mind. And it is just those moments when you feel that getting to the next treatment is all just too much - bring yourself over to Scents of Mind - together we will work it through.

With a wide range of treatments to choose from - all will bring you to Scents of Mind.

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